Q & A

Do you provide training and mentorship for other bookkeepers?
Yes, we do this at Beyond Basics we can provide complete training for bookkeepers.
What about coding expenses?
We’ve got some great tips on how to properly code your expenses. And if you haven’t yet, it’s a good idea to get a separate credit card for your business expenses. Another important tip: Make sure you’re paying yourself a proper wage! It’s all part of our managed bookkeeping service to our clients.
I’m worried about being audited by the CRA. What should I do?
This is a very common worry for business owners when they have to prepare bookkeeping. Many try to claim everything as deductions which is a dangerous practice. (Sorry, but your socks and underwear aren’t deductions!) So Beyond Basics is always a welcome sight at audit time! And that service comes with a guarantee: when we do your bookkeeping, we handle any audits for you, including payroll audits. We also help separate business expenses from personal expenses so there’s no confusion.
I’m doing my own books right now, but it takes a lot of time. What are my options?
I always encourage my clients to focus on what they do really well. For them, this means running their business, not doing the books. We’re good at bookkeeping, so we help business owners keep track of their money, ensure their books are balanced, maximize tax deductions, and keep up with payroll. We help your business remain profitable.
We also go to companies who have bookkeepers and help prepare the year end so its ready for the accountants.
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